provides comprehensive and cost-effective Open Source Training

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition, the primary Computer Based Training (CBT) offering, is designed, engineered and delivered by Dean Davis, a Linux | Unix | Open Source| Windows | Cisco | Security professional, and a team of researchers and engineers (Team LinuxCBT | UnixCBT), who are globally dispersed.

Mr. Davis has architected and deployed numerous Linux | Unix | Windows | Cisco systems in conjunction with industry-standard software & hardware solutions provided by vendors such as Sun, Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, MySQL, IBM, Dell, HP, EMC, etc.

Team LinuxCBT | UnixCBT is involved with GNU/Linux, Solaris, AIX, BSD, Windows, Cisco and various open source technologies, and has researched and deployed numerous business-critical systems since the epoch. Consequently, we sufficiently understand what longevity and success in IT | ICT , across sectors, entails: a solid, comprehensive foundation in your desired area of specialization, with Linux | Unix | Open Source tools as the foundational pillars.


Why LinuxCBT Cloud Edition?

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition provides unrivaled Price | Performance benefits

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition provides comprehensive and realistic business-critical Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions for those responsible for and/or considering the deployment of GNU/Linux|Unix|Windows|Open Source-based solutions in a typical heterogeneous environment. Our approach is resolute because it does not emphasize certification or canned curricula from various certification vendors. In lieu, we have created the LinuxCBT | UnixCBT Suite of products in order to address primarily diverse business requirements, and secondarily ancillary objectives.

The LinuxCBT | UnixCBT Suite of products is delivered uniformly as: LinuxCBT Cloud Edition.

Historically, certification objectives have been maligned with business needs. The rapid shakeout of the initial, speculatively-driven, post-dotcom boom economy is evidence of that trend. There has been a sensible return to the basics of core-computing led by: Linux | Unix | Open Source technologies, which now power the current wave of innovation. Nevertheless, computer science (CIS) curricula at most colleges & universities, training institutions and other CBT providers continue to promote the development of expertise that is either presumed by prospective employers and/or irrelevant in today's more open, flexible and varied, yet demanding business environment, resulting in ill-prepared IT | ICT personnel. Ostensibly, in our summation, the mark has been missed.

Our approach stands in stark contrast to the industry's trend of selling certification and visages of lucratively-linked careers because we are cognizant of what serious IT | ICT hiring managers and their respective organizations expect & demand: knowledgeable IT | ICT personnel who have, and continue to hone their Linux | Unix | Open Source skills to become more efficient and creative engineers and business leaders, who deploy and support technologies that are among else: mature, stable, scaleable, flexible, robust, open and unencumbered by proprietary permiters.

Moreover, Linux | Unix | Windows | Open Source certifications are considerably augmented when the concepts and throrough lessons presented in LinuxCBT Cloud Edition are thoroughly absorbed, deliberated, imitated and retained. As a desirable by-product, you will invariably learn more about ancillary matters i.e. Windows | Cisco | OSI by studying: Linux | Unix | Open Source technologies.

Ideally, one should use LinuxCBT Cloud Edition as a reference library, over a designated period, resulting in eventual mastery of traditional Linux | Unix | Open Source skills, which sets the stage for broad career prospects and heightened computing in any environment.


Customer Uses | Applicatons

Below are some of the common ways in which our clients use LinuxCBT Cloud Edition:

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Meet Our Leaders

Dean Davis -
Dean Davis, CISSP

CEO & Chief Instructor


Dean is the founder of He authors and delivers the content.


His primary role involves research and delivery.






CCSP | CISSP | Linux+


MS in Information Systems

University of Phoenix


BS in Business & Finance
Computer Science
Brooklyn College

Tricia Hyacinth -
Tricia Hyacinth

VP of Sales & Marketing


Tricia's primary role includes developing awareness and coordinating alliances and partnerships with prospects.





University of Connecticut


MS in Political Science Southern Connecticut State University


BA in Political Science Brooklyn College


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