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LinuxCBT Cloud Edition, the primary Computer Based Training (CBT) offering, is delivered by Dean Davis (ディーン デイビス), a Linux | Unix | Open Source| Infrastructure | Security professional.

His interests surround largely the evolution of GNU/Linux | Unix, various Infrastructure and Open Source Technologies (OST). He has researched, deployed, taught and supported numerous OST-based business-critical systems since the Epoch. Consequently, Dean understands what longevity and success in IT | ICT , across sectors, platforms, etc., entails: a solid, comprehensive foundation in your desired area of specialization, with Linux | Unix | OST components as foundational pillars.

Why LinuxCBT Cloud Edition?

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition provides unrivaled Price | Performance benefits

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition provides comprehensive and realistic business-critical Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions for those responsible for and/or considering the deployment of GNU/Linux|Unix|Windows|Open Source-based solutions in a typical heterogeneous environment. Our approach is resolute because it does not emphasize certification or canned curricula from various certification vendors. In lieu, we have created the LinuxCBT | UnixCBT Suite of training products in order to address primarily diverse business requirements, and secondarily ancillary objectives.

The LinuxCBT | UnixCBT Suite of products is delivered uniformly as: LinuxCBT Cloud Edition.

Historically, certification objectives have been maligned with business needs. The rapid shakeout of the initial, speculatively-driven, post-dotcom boom economy is evidence of that trend. There has been a sensible return to the basics of core-computing led by: Linux | Unix | Open Source technologies, which now power the current wave of innovation. Nevertheless, computer science (CIS) curricula at most colleges & universities, training institutions and other CBT providers continue to promote the development of expertise that is either presumed by prospective employers and/or irrelevant in today's more open, flexible and varied, yet demanding business environment, resulting in ill-prepared IT | ICT personnel. Ostensibly, in our summation, the mark has been missed.

Our approach stands in stark contrast to the industry's trend of selling certification and visages of lucratively-linked careers because we are cognizant of what serious IT | ICT hiring managers and their respective organizations expect & demand: knowledgeable IT | ICT personnel who have, and continue to hone their Linux | Unix | Open Source skills to become more efficient and creative engineers and business leaders, who deploy and support technologies that are among else: mature, stable, scaleable, flexible, robust, open and unencumbered by proprietary permiters.

Moreover, Linux | Unix | Windows | Open Source certifications are considerably augmented when the concepts and throrough lessons presented in LinuxCBT Cloud Edition are thoroughly absorbed, deliberated, imitated and retained. As a desirable by-product, you will invariably learn more about ancillary matters i.e. Windows | Cisco | OSI by studying: Linux | Unix | Open Source technologies.

Ideally, one should use LinuxCBT Cloud Edition as a reference library, over a designated period, resulting in eventual mastery of traditional Linux | Unix | Open Source skills, which sets the stage for broad career prospects and heightened computing in any environment.


Customer Uses | Applications

Below are some of the common ways in which our clients use LinuxCBT Cloud Edition:

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Meet Our Leaders

Dean Davis, CISSP

ディーン デイビス

CEO & Chief Instructor


Dean is the founder of He authors and delivers the content.





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Information Systems

University of Phoenix


Computer Science
Brooklyn College


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Tricia Hyacinth

トリシア ヒヤシン

VP of Sales & Marketing


Tricia develops awareness, coordinates sales, alliances and partnerships with prospects.




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