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LinuxCBT Cloud Edition

Delivers a no-frills, unorthodox experience to mastering Cloud | Open Source concepts.

Our approach is resolute, efficacious and long-standing because it emphasizes learning by diligent and disciplined research over the long-haul (proper approach) in stark contrast with crammed (short-term) rote: i.e. certification preparation, et al.

By employing a research-driven approach, you will be able to address primarily, diverse business requirements, and secondarily ancillary objectives, invariably driving up your desirability and market-value.

Ideally, one should use LinuxCBT Cloud Edition as a reference library, over a designated period, resulting in eventual mastery of traditional Linux | Unix | Open Source | Cloud concepts and skills, which sets the stage for broad career prospects and heightened, and, enlightened computing in any environment.

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Dean Davis (ディーン デイビス)

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition is authored by ディーン デイビス.

ディーン さん authors and delivers content as per: Divine Inspiration from the Most-High:  ジャーラスタファルアイ 

His interests surround largely the evolution of GNU/Linux | Unix, The Cloud, various Infrastructure and Open Source Technologies (OST). He has researched, deployed, taught and supported numerous OST-based business-critical systems since the Epoch.

Consequently, ディーンオ understands what longevity and success in I[C]T entails: a solid, comprehensive foundation in your desired area of specialization, with Linux | Unix | OST components as fail-safe foundational pillars.

Value Proposition - 価値

LinuxCBT Cloud Edition Subscription

Typically, certification objectives are maligned with business needs. The rapid shakeout of the initial, speculatively-driven, post-dotcom boom economy is evidence of that trend.

There has been a sensible return to the basics of core-computing led by: Linux & Open Source technologies, which power the current wave of abstracted innovation formerly know as: The Cloud.

Our approach stands in stark contrast to the industry's trend of selling certification and visages of lucratively-linked careers because we are cognizant of what serious I[C]T hiring managers and their respective organizations expect & demand: knowledgeable IT | ICT personnel who have, and continue to hone their Linux | Unix | Open Source skills to become more efficient and creative engineers and business leaders, who deploy and support technologies that are among else: mature, stable, scaleable, flexible, robust, open and unencumbered by restrictions.